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The sympathetic nervous system, the amygdala, catastrophic thinking,  psychological issues, and risk factors are some of the main causes of panic attacks.

The fear of losing control is a major symptom of a panic attack. People who have panic attacks while driving, fear losing control of their vehicle, whether due to their own impulse control to maintain control of the vehicle or due to other drivers actions.

What does a Panic Attack Feel Like or look like. A panic attack can feel like you are going to go crazy or lose your mind.

Symptoms and causes of panic attacks at work and 7 strategies to stop a panic attack at work.

Cope With Panic Attacks At Night by: Creating a calm environment, reduce worry and anxious thinking by labeling your thoughts and detaching yourself from the worry, refocusing your attention, deep breathing to re-balance the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your b...

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About Me

My name is Dr. Russell A Hunter, PsyD and I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist recognized by the National Register of Health Service Psychologists as meeting the National Register’s stringent requirements for education and experience as a healthcare professional.


I specialize in the field of Clinical Psychology and I am an expert in the treatment of Anxiety Disorders,  ADHD, and Neurocognitive Disorders. 

  •  Interrupts The Cycle of Panic

  • Quickly Stops a Panic Attack

  • Short Circuits the Fight or Flight System

  • Re-trains The Brain

  • Prevents Future Panic Attacks

  • Works With Any Level of Anxiety

  • Backed by Research

  • Is All Natural 

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How to Stop A Panic Attack Quickly.

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