The Attacking Panic book and the Attacking Panic Workbook with help you learn how to:


  • Interrupt The Cycle of Panic
  • Quickly Stop a Panic Attack 
  • Short Circuit the Fight or Flight System
  • Re-train Your Brain
  • Prevent Future Panic Attacks
  • End Your Fear of Panic Attacks


The skills you will learn are backed by research, will work with any level of anxiety, and are all natural.

Attacking Panic: Panic Attack Workbook

  • The workbook is a downloadable PDF


Attacking Panic: The Power To Be Calm. Copyright © 2017 Russell A. Hunter, Psy.D. All rights reserved. Attacking Panic is available in paperback and Kindle edition at Amazon and in paperback at Barnes & Noble and other online retailers.

How to Stop A Panic Attack Quickly.

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